Pacific Coast Hickory Golfers

Eddie Breeden is a school teacher and lives in Upland, CA. and has been playing Hickory Golf exclusively since 2008. Eddie usually plays in about four Hickory tournaments a year (including the two he hosts in California each year.  He has a goal to play golf in all 50 states.  Some of his best showings were: 1st place at 2009 GCS San Diego with a 79, 2nd place at 2009 Heart of America held at Omaha Field Club in Nebraska with a 79, a top 10 finish at 2009 US Hickory Open in North Carolina, and two top ten finishes at the National Hickory Championship at Oakhurst Golf Links in West Virginia 2011 and 2012.  Eddie collects Spalding (baseball cleek mark) hickory clubs and vintage California golf course post cards.     

In his bag: Eddie has multiple play sets for hickory golf.  A regular 1920's play set, a pre 1900 gutty set, a California club set, and multiple clubs just for the heck of it.

1920's Play set  Pre 1900 Smooth face
Brassie - Unknown Maker    Play Club - BGI splice neck
Spoon - Spalding Kro-flite    Cleek - SPALDING all caps/block letters
Mid Iron - Spalding Kro-flite     Iron - SPALDING all caps
Mashie/4 Iron - Spalding Kro-flite    Lofter - SPALDING all caps 
Mashie-niblick - Tom Stewart    Rut Niblick - SPALDING all caps
Niblick - Burr Key Built    Putter - Tom Morris splice neck
Niblick - Maxwell flanged niblick
Putter - Brass mallet Alex Anderson style

Chris McIntyre is from San Diego, CA.  A great guy who has done a lot for the game of Hickory golf.  I met Chris at the GCS national meeting in 2006 at Las Vegas.  Chris has his own business within Hickory golf.  His company and website is called Play Hickory.  On his website you can find tons of information on Hickory club rentals and modern playable Hickory era golf balls.  His new Victor mesh ball is the best ball you can play with Hickory clubs!  He also makes new gutta percha golf balls for people and tournaments that play pre-1900 Hickory clubs.

You can check out his website at 

Play Set - (An all Scotland made set) Driver - Alex Herd,   10 degree 
Spoon - Fred Robson Special,  20 degree Trouble - S. Haynes "The Retriever",  30 degree
- A. MacDonald,   30 degree
Mashie - T. Stewart *Harry Vardon  36 degree
Baxspin Mashie - Gibson Maxwell *Benny Sayers 40 degree       Mashie-niblick -  Gibson 45 degree
Niblick - Gibson W.L. Ritchie 50 degree        Flanged niblick - Gibson Maxwell 56 degree
- J.H. Taylor "Rite Spot" 

John Boyd is a school teacher and lives in Corona, CA.  Though new to Hickory golf, he has taken to the game and its history/traditions.  The 2011 GCS region 9 event was his first in Hickory golf, and came away a winner in more ways than one.  Not only did he take home an award, but he was also the lucky recipient to win and take home a set of Hickory golf clubs as a prize.  Since then he has played in a handful of Hickory outings and also was a participant in the inaugural North-South at Pacific Grove Golf Links in Monterey, placing third in the Open division.
Play set -  Driver - Wilson Capital
Mid-iron - Macgregor
3 Iron - Spalding Kro-flite
Mashie/5 iron - Wright&Ditson Signature
Mashie-niblick - Wilsonian Niblick - No name
Putter - Mills aluminum mallet

Pat Anderson is a hickory golfer from Carmel, CA.  He has attended many hickory golf events in the past as well as attending the first North-South in Monterey.

Play set - Driver - Louisville Golf replica 1-8 Irons - Walter Hagen by LA Young Co.
Iron Man sand wedge A & F brass wedge (for sand)
Brassie - Macgregor Wood -  Forgan Bulldog
       Putter - Louisville Golf Replica all wood


Kris Surano is a hickory golfer from Pacific Grove, CA.  New to hickory golf, Kris has a knack for starting with a bang.  In his first Hickory Golf tournament he finished 1st as the 2012 North-South Champion.  Firing an 80 first round and a 76 in the second round for a 2-day total of 156 and a 2-stroke lead.  Kris will be back to defend his title at the 2013 North-South held at Pacific Grove Golf Links.

Play Set - Driver - Unknown maker Brassie - Con Harders
 Spoon - Hillerich & Bradsby "The Kernel"
Mid Iron, Mid-Mashie, Mashie-Iron, Mashie, and Spade-Mashie - Walter Hagen International 205's
Mashie-Niblick - Wilson Walker Cup Niblick - Hillerich & Bradsby Grand Slam
Putter - Hillerich & Bradsby Grand Slam

  Paul Biocini is a long time hickory golfer from Valley Springs, CA.  Paul has participated in many hickory tournaments across the country, winning as tournament champion in Austin, TX in 2009, and most recently finishing in 2nd place at the 2012 North-South in Pacific Grove with a nice 2-day total of 158.  

Play Set - Brassie - English made Baffy - Forgan Bull Dog Driving Iron- MacGregor 
     4 Iron - Spalding Bobby Jones Mashie - MacGregor Short Mashie - MacGregor
     Mashie-Niblick - Tom Stewart Niblick - MacGregor     Niblick - H&B
     Blaster Wedge (sand) Putter - No name
All irons are flanged and are swing weighted to D-6.  The woods are swing weighted to D-1.  

Richard Canapo lives in Big Lake, WA.  Though he is new to hickory, he has as much passion and fun for the game as anyone.  2013 will be his first year playing in hickory tournaments and events.  He plans to compete in his first event in June at the North-South in Monterey.  After several conversations with Richard, I believe his 2013 rookie season as a hickory golfer will be one he will never forget.  Think we hooked another one guys!

Play Set - Louisville Golf = Spoon, Benny, Mid-Iron, Mashie-Niblick, Niblick, and Calamity Jane Putter.

     Doug Richards is a long-time hickory player from Huntington Beach, CA.  A long ball hitter from the left side, Doug has competed in many hickory events, and often takes home some hardware too!  He and his lovely wife Kat have attended the North-South event in Monterey in 2012 and 2013, and hope for many more.

Play Set -   Driver & Brassie - Wright & Ditson Mid Iron -  Cann & Taylor JH Taylor
         Mid Iron - Wright & Ditson AH Findlay         Niblick - Hillerach & Bradsbury
  Putter - No name  brass headed

* Play set is a rotating collection of clubs

Buck Barrie is an avid hickory golfer from Borrego Springs, CA.  A long-time hickory player, Buck has played and competed in many events across the country.  Playing hickory golf a couple times a week, don't ask Buck his favorite club..... "I don't have one, it might break!

Play Set -   Driver -  Wilsonian 10 Brassie - Charlie Boyd Havana Cuba
Spoon - Haynes Maiden Magnum Baffy - A.G. Spaldning

Irons - a matched set of irons (1-8) Palakonas Hardy Bros. Alnwick, England.
Jigger - Macgregor Sand Iron - Hagen Iron Man
      Putter - Crighton/Harrower side pendulum

Brian Malison is a long time hickory player from Viaslia, CA.  Brian has been a Lutheran pastor for 27 years, and a GCS member for almost as long (20 years).  He has attended many CA hickory events throughout the years, and usually has a good shot at taking home a trophy.  Although Brian plays more modern golf than hickory, one of his favorite things to do is meet up with other golfers on the course and beat them by a few using his 90 year old hickory sticks.

Play Set - Driver - Forgan Sherlock Sole Bulldog - W.R. Thompson
            2-iron - Burke Mid-iron - Olympic
  Mashie - Wright & Ditson Sky-iron - Spalding
  Pitching Mashie - Sunderland     Pitcher - MacGregor Backspin
  Niblick - Aston 53 degree   Niblick - Walter Hagen Iron Man
  Putter - Hackbarth forked putter

Erik Beer discovered hickory golf late in 2013 at a small hickory tournament outfitted by Chris McIntyre's Play Hickory.  It only took one round to convince Erik that he needed his own set.  He has been playing almost exclusively hickory since the beginning of 2014.  Erik Beer also brews some really good Beer.

Play Set - Brassies - MacGregor, and MacGregor Edgemont
All Tom Stewart Irons - Driving Mashie, Mashie Iron, 3-Iron, Mashie, Mashie-niblick, 50 and     56 degree niblicks
Putter - AJ Reach

Kurt Olsen is from Laguna Beach, CA.  New to hickory golf in 2013, Kurt came across a matched set of Leyland Irons, hand forged in Scotland irons that he could not pass up.  He has been playing hickories often, and participated in his first hickory event at the 2014 North-South in Pacific Grove, but still plays modern golf as well.  Kurt says "Playing hickories is very enjoyable, and I've met some very interesting and friendly people".

Play Set - Brassie - Piccadilly (full sole plate)
Matched set of Leyland Irons = 1 iron, 2 iron, 3 iron, Mashie, Mashie-niblick, Niblick, Putter

Bob Keeler is an Orange County hickory player.  He is an architect living in Corona del Mar.  he really had not played much golf (except for the occasional client golf game) for the past 30 years.  Prior to that he did play competitive Junior, HighSchool, and College golf in Southern California.  He got back into golf, and into hickory golf early in 2014.

Play Set - Brassie - Louisville Golf Jack White Cleek - Louisville Golf MacGregor B25
     Mid-iron - The Wisonian (flanged) Mid-iron - J.R. Langlands Special
     Mashie - Wilsonian/Thos E. Wilson & Company muscleback
     Mashie-niblick - MacGregor Niblick -  Harry C. Lee Co.
Putter - Hangen Triangle Blade  

Chuck McCollum is a hickory golfer from Rocklin, CA and Mesa, AZ.  Since joining in the hickory golf cirvuit, he has participated in numerous events.  Chuck first played a round of hickory golf about 20 years ago at Old Musselburgh in Scotland with rented clubs.  He never thought much of it until playing at Old Bandon in 2012 with rented clubs from Chris Mac.  His first hickory event was the 2013 AZ Desert Hickorywhere he won the Senior Gross by 11 strokes.  Top 10's at both the 2013 and 2014 North-South and at the US Hickory Open at Seaview last year.  Chuck plays about 75% hickory now, and also caddies part time on the LPGA.  

Play Set - Drivers - Wilsonian and MacGregor Brassie - Tad Moore replica
     Bulldogs - Burke Special and Spalding Gold Medal 6
George Nicoll (Leven Scotland)  irons consisting of:  Cleek, Braid, Mashie, Spade mashie, Mashie-niblick,     and Niblick.  A Spalding niblick 19, and J.A. Martin flanged niblick round out the irons.  Putter - Travers Mallet

Patrick Rynn is a professional Blues musician that hails from Toledo Ohio via Chicago and now lives in San Diego.  He has been playing hickory golf since 2012.  When he is not recording or touring nationally as well as internationally, he enjoys the golf channel as well as listening to good music and partaking in fine cigars.  He has taken part in two consecutive North-South tournaments and CA Hickory Opens as well.  Patrick says that he enjoys playing the links courses.  Other interests include reading about golf history and trying to recreate the hickory golf fashion and attire as authentic as possible.  

Play Set - Driver - Buhrke Co. "Pro Par" Fancy Face Brassie - Loitreres Plus Four Special from Ireland
    Spoon - Columbia Special Driving iron - Hillerich & Bradsbury Grand Slam
Mid iron /2 - Tom Stewart Mid-mashie (3) - WLS
         Mashie iron (4) - Macgregor Mashie (5) - Sovereign stainless
Mashie-niblick (6) - Macgregor Popular diamond back    Mashie-niblick - RobRoy
Niblick - BurrKey Built Putter - Patrick Rynn Mahogany Mallet

There are so many of us hickory golfers just in the Southern CA area.  Please send in your clubs and info and you will be added!

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